Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Nah --- Day 4/395

Walk: JCCSF, Laurel Village, Hi Tech Nails
Distance: 3 miles and yoga class

Call her old fashioned, but Ciwt can't quite get with #Giving Tuesday, the holiday (?) invented in 2012.  She feels inundated enough with near constant "Can I have Your Money?" emails, snail mailings and phone calls from "Unavailable."

But apparently the concept is working and growing - for some charities.  Read for well-heeled charities with staff and resources to mount an additional, one-day campaign that doesn't raise much and encourages spot giving rather than loyalty to the cause.  Small charities with small staff and budgets are better advised (by some experts) not to dilute their dear time, energy and budgets and to stay focused on major, long-term giving campaigns.

So says Ciwt, Grinch. Image result for grinch yoga

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