Sunday, January 3, 2016

Holiday Mop Up --- Day 4/328

Walk: Hood Theaters
Distance: 4 miles,  home yoga

Today the last official holiday stretch ends.  People were busy taking advantage of their moments of extended free time.  No need for walking services today, they could walk their actual dog and socialize with other dog owners .  And play pick up basketball with no need to be home for homework or at the office .
Some were catching their last holiday movie  and even finally donating those items .

As for Ciwt, she reviewed the possible Oscar contenders she hasn't seen.  There was  Jennifer Lawrence in  Image result for joy movie, Michael Caine in Image result for youth movie, and Eddie Redmayne in  Image result for the danish girl.  But none of these three really called to her.  So, instead of seeing one, she walked to each theater    
and paid her respects to everyone who is involved in making and bringing movies to her hood.  Then she came home and made an early 2016 donation to SF Neighborhood Theater Foundation.

Now let the real 2016 begin.....

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