Sunday, January 17, 2016

Will She Grow? --- Day 4/342

Walk: No, Packing/Rain
Distance: 0, Home Yoga

So Ciwt will head to the MoMA Picasso Sculpture Show this week and wants to be on record before viewing it that she sees his sculptures more as (amusing)  pass times, doodles, or ways for him to work out spacial relationships in preparation for a painting. "Woman in the Garden". Paris, 1929-30.  Welded and painted iron.  Musee national Picasso-Paris. Dation Pablo Picasso   In "Picasso Sculpture", MOMA, New York, NY, USA*

Ciwt also thinks Picasso's primary means of expression - the media he most valued - were canvas and paper.  Ie, painting and drawing.  A few of his sculpture pieces she has seen are clearly more important than others and were likely completed for public consumption or display.   Image result for picasso sculpture **  To Ciwt, even these do not carry the expressive visceral energy of the paintings and drawings.  Pablo Picasso : goat's skull bottle and candle ***

BUT she hasn't seen many Picasso sculptures in person nor studied in depth the level of Picasso's devotion and relationship to sculpture, so it will be interesting to see if (how, probably) this ambitious, sweeping, 'once-in-a-lifetime' survey expands her understanding and appreciation.

*Woman in the Garden, Paris, 1929-30, welded and painted iron
**The Goat, 1950, Palm lead, iron and plaster
***Goat Skull, Bottle and Candle, 1954, oil on canvas

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