Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Settling Difficulties --- Day 4/344

Walk: Union Square
Distance: 8 Blocks or so, home yoga

So, the scene above is roughly what has come of Ciwt's trip to NYC to visit friend, Picasso sculpture, Ole Broadway, other art venues, and old haunts. It was a difficult decision because Ciwt was really looking forward to seeing her friend, going to a few plays together, and generally toodling around the Apple where she and Ciwt once lived. (She for nearly a lifetime and Ciwt for a few years).

But here, as Ciwt writes, are some current forecasts by meteorologists about probable/possible weather on the days of said trip:

*A high-impact snowstorm for the region is nearing inevitability and there is some chance it will be historic, paralyzing travel and disrupting normal routines. (Washington Post)
*If the storm develops to its full potential and takes a track just off the mid-Atlantic and New England coasts, then a blizzard can unfold. The storm could shut down highways and perhaps cause airport closures.  (AccuWeather)
*...if things turn out as meteorologists expect, the East Coast could get hammered by snow next weekend, and New York could get a lot of snow — anywhere from five inches to double digits. (NY Magazine)

"..blockbuster blizzard for the ages.."  (NY Times)

None of this may come to pass, of course.  But for Ciwt these predictions conjure up images of being one of those people you see in the news sleeping on airport floors and boarding area seats for days after their flights have been cancelled.  So, following a few texts of disappointed agreement with her friend,  Ciwt pronounced: Image result for queen of hearts in alice in wonderland off with her head "Off with the Trip!!!" 

Then, for 'fun,' she went downtown* in the rainstorm out here that is going to be the blizzard  out there falling on Central Park, Mad Ave, MoMA, Ciwt's hotel, Broadway - but not on Ciwt and her friend.

*To her dentist for a new $tooth$.  Another story.

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