Friday, January 22, 2016

The Danish Broadway --- Day 4/347

Walk: Marina
Distance: 2 miles and home yoga

A friend said about The Danish Girl, "It doesn't end the way you think it will."  For fear it would bore her as much as Carol*, Ciwt wasn't going to go.  But her friend's remark intrigued her, she couldn't make it to NYC**, both stars are up for Academy Awards and it's raining, so off Ciwt will go to check out that unexpected ending.  (Don't worry; no spoilers if Ciwt reports).

---After show: Whether he's in a wheelchair or full-bodied, male or female, Eddie Redmayne is just so damn endearing.  So is his/her marriage in The Danish Girl to the lovely and talented Alicia Vikander.  Ciwt can't drag anyone to the theater for this one, but, if you go, you will very much enjoy the acting - and Ciwt bets your heart will be touched.

*In Ciwt's opinion, the most overrated 2015 Academy Award nominated movie - by Far. 

** Regards, Broadway.  Sorry to miss you...

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