Monday, January 11, 2016

Non- ---- Day 4/336

Walk: Clement Street, etc.
Distance: 4.6 miles, small yoga

Image result for getting nails done

Ciwt had her non-yoga nails done while having a non-writing day:

Writing Letter
Kusakabe Kimbei (Japanese 1841-1934), Writing Letter, colored photograph

“Kusakabe Kimbei (1841 – 1934) was a Japanese photographer. He usually went by his given name, Kimbei, because his clientele, mostly non-Japanese-speaking foreign residents and visitors, found it easier to pronounce than his family name. Kusakabe Kimbei worked with Felice Beato and Baron Raimund von Stillfried as a photographic colourist and assistant before opening his own workshop in Yokohama in 1881 in the Benten-dōri quarter, and from 1889 operating in the Honmachi quarter. He also opened a branch in the Ginza quarter of Tokyo”. – Wikipedia

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