Tuesday, October 1, 2019

New Models are In. Maybe You Didn't Notice. --- Days 8/174, 175, 176

Walks:  Pickleball, Hood, PGCC
Distances: 2 hours Pickle, 3 miles, stretch/class/private

Ciwt's New Car (She Wishes)

Ciwt tries to avoid the "I remember when...Good old days..." patter. But, really, the new Fall car excitement is not the same as her era when a new model might suddenly transform from square to sleek and have fins and/or a fancy grill.  And, oh, the colors.  (Sob) Now the changes are subtle to say the least - and often in areas like technology (read computers) which Ciwt can't understand muchless notice.  But, the other day when she took her car in for its latest (computer) recall, she noticed her next car.  Or the one she might have saved up for in about 10 years, price being the Noticiable change from Ciwt's good old days (oops).  Cute car though with all sorts of bells and whistles - and probably a Huge computer.

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