Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Sunday in the Park with Neighbors --- Day 8/177

Walk: Pickleball, Hood
Distance: 2 hours Pickle, 3 miles

Fall Festival in the Park
So Ciwt loves her local park so much she accepted an invitation a few years ago to join the Board that kind of looks out for it. A few months ago it was decided that we would give a neighborhood Fall Festival with balloon animals, face painting, apple bobbing, cookies, cider, the whole Fall works. Several men on the board supported the concept then ran for cover ("I didn't join the board to man information booths....").  Ciwt didn't do that - and in fact manned the information both.  But secretly she was thinking, oh dear, it will be a bust.

No!  Everybody came! And everybody - parents, kids, dogs, even Ciwt - had a blast and loves their park even more.  So nice to be wrong!

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