Saturday, November 18, 2017

First Comes Driving --- Day 6/281

Walk: Clay Theater (Novitiate)
Distance: 9 blocks, Up/Down, ROM Exercises/Flexion, moderate 

So, today Ciwt received the one 'gift' of her injury: the coveted Disabled Parking Placard.  With it 'properly displayed'  from her mirror she is eligible for things like: having her car refueled at self-service rates, parking in designated disabled spaces, even parking at meters indefinitely.  Now if she could only advance from her pedal machine to more agile car clutch movements..

PS - About Novitiate, if you have ever experienced an agressively repressed teacher, like a few of those at Ciwt's boarding school, you will break out in a cold sweat just watching Melissa Leo walk into a room. She doesn't have to say a word, but then she does and gets even more scary.  A darkly complex woman; such excellent acting - by most of the cast - but especially by her.  Best Actress Oscar Nominee for sure.

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