Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Who Can Capture Dusk? --- Day 6/292

Walk:  To and From 3 Jackson bus, couple of blocks on Fillmore - back in immobilizer.  Ciwt is                      being  a good patient
Distance: A few blocks, Up/Down, exercises/asanas 1.5 hours

One of Ciwt's favorite things about this long twilight time of year is 'official' dusk.  It is a little dusky now even at the height of day, and something in Ciwt resists that. But then she looks up and sees the low light has mellowsd into something beautiful, irresistable.  Soft, gentle, glowing with elongated shadows in unexpected places. And sad in an ambiguous way that somehow doesn't upset Ciwt but touches her deeply.  She wants to hold on to the look, the feeling, but when she looks up again,  twilight has ebbed into dark night.

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