Saturday, November 4, 2017

Pedaling Along --- Day 6/267

Walk: Dine-in Kabuki Theater (The Departure)
Distance: 2.3 miles, Up/Down x 2, Practice Car Clutch, Exercises, Pedaler 20 minutes

Ciwt's Stationary Bike

As a friend of hers texted "Your biking looks really, really boring."  Well, what can Ciwt say?  Her friend of course goes to a club back east that has televisions on their bikes so she can watch classic movies as she bikes instead of the San Francisco sky.  Maybe Ciwt can rig up something like that.

And when she does, she will not be watching the movie she went to today.  Does a sub-titled documentary about a Japanese monk who devotes himself to keeping people from committing suicide seem like a draw to you?  No, not Ciwt either, but a local reviewer said "Don't miss this one!"  So she chose it as her practice movie to see if she can sit in a regular theater chair yet.  No, luckily in some respects, because she could promptly leave the movie - and scratch the local reviewer off her list - with no guilt.

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