Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Kat and Kitten Kitsch --- Day 6/291

Walk: No
Distance: 0 by PT orders, 2 hrs. exercises/asanas

Advent calendar (?!) sent by friend.  Ciwt hasn't encountered one of these since childhood.  These are her types of cats though - long hair, puffy - so she keeps it on display and dreads opening all the little windows right in the middle of their cute faces or ears or eyes.  Somehow doesn't seem entirely thought through.  Fingers crossed a few of these look alikes will come into Ciwt's life.

And what do we have here but another puffy cat sent by a friend who is an accomplished accordionist - even had her own band? The dog doesn't look too thrilled though by the personal serenade he's getting.  

It appears art tour impresaria Ciwt has been so long in her pink environment she's even broken her No Cute Cat Pictures Around the House rule and is enjoying some that have arrived.  Wonder what her place will look like when this healing is complete...Maybe by then she'll have returned to the Dogs Playing Cards she's tried all these years to forget. (Please see CIWT 5/284)

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