Monday, November 13, 2017

Party Time --- Day 6/276

Walk: No, Drove! to Trader Joe's (first car errand)
Distance: Couple of blocks, Up/Down, Several exercise/asana/flexion sessions

So it has been Nine Weeks since Ciwt's fall, and she's giving herself a pity party.  Nine weeks without proper exercise (her happiness lifeline), nine weeks of near constant house arrest with no cat, nine weeks of boring boring exercises.  What else?  Nine weeks of being apprehensive for the first time in her life when she thinks of doing things like going downtown, giving an art tour, going to a movie, frankly even going for a simple walk - what if something happens?! - a part of her worries. The head thing is probably the worst part.

But they say all will return to normal.  The leg, the intrepid spirit, the zest, the long hikes and fun exercise.  It just takes so damn long!  There was the (supposed) six-week goal and when she got there, it was "good for you; now at eight weeks, you can start weaning from your immobilizer." Then at eight weeks, "well, actually it's at twelve weeks we feel you've healed enough to begin serious re-hab - as well as a (sort of) normal life. " "But, not so fast, Ciwt, because we're talking six months before this, and maybe eight months before that...."

Wahhhhhh.  Poor Ciwt today.

Okay, blow out the candles, Ciwt,  chin up, Onward with vigor!!!!  (and patience)

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