Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Twenty Years --- Day 6/264

Walk: Legion of Honor (Klimt/Rodin) (Out again!!!)
Distance: 1 mile, 6 Exercise

Gustav Klimt (Austrian, 1962-1918), Portrait of Bildnis Sonja Knips, 1893, oil on canvas

Gustav Klimt, The Virgin, 1913, oil on canvas

Both these Klimt paintings are square and approximately the same size, but, oh my, what a difference twenty years has made in Gustav Klimt's painting style!  Looser, freer, bolder use of color, more sensuous.  No wonder Klimt felt constrained by the academic style of his artistic training and joined with other Austrian artists of many modalities (music/Mahler, architecture, sculpture) to form the Vienna Secession movement.  And thank goodness, or the world would be without paintings like The Virgin, The Kiss, The Woman in Gold and other visual delights.

It is rare and special to have 30 major works by Gustav Klimt not only in the United States but right here in San Francisco.  Go to the show if you can; you'll really enjoy it, Ciwt promises.

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