Friday, November 10, 2017

Piece by Piece --- Day 6/273

Walk:  Re-Hab, Garage to DRIVE car 1 mile
Distance: 1 mile, Lots of exercise sessions and stairs

Ciwt loves the soulful show, Revelations: Art from the African American South at the de Young Museum until April when the newly acquired pieces in the show will be rotated into the de Young's superior - and now more so - American Art collection.  Each work and its story is so devastatingly powerful.  Here's just one:

Willie (Ma Willie) Abrams, (b. 1897, Rehoboth, Alabama; d. 1987, Rohoboth, Alabama), Quilt: Roman Stripes Variation - detail, c. 1975, cotton corduroy, pieced and quilted

Willie "Ma Willie" Abrams grew up "in a world where did not speak until you were spoken to," her granddaughter Louise Williams explained.  "I think this is how she was able to create many beautiful her moments of quietness she would think of things to do and visualize (a quilt) and just make it." Abrams helped her daughter, Estelle Witherspoon, manage the Freedom Quilting Bee, a cooperative in Alberta, Alabama that grew out of the Civil Rights movement and ensured that quilters earned fair wages for their work.

Corduroy is a densely woven fabric that is difficult to work with in small pieces. Abrams would have been @87 years old when she created this full size quilt.

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