Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Now Working as a Quilt --- Day 6/277

Walk: CPMC 
Distance: 2.5 beautiful, sunny, crisp miles,  a little exercise/asana

Annie Mae Young (b. 1928, Gee's Bend Alabama; d. 2012, Gee's Bend, Alabama), "Bars" Work-Clothes Quilt, ca 1970, Denim, cotton, curdroy, printed cotton polyester blend and cotton plain weave pierced and quilted.

Ciwt finds this quilt now hanging in the de Young Revelations show so moving.  It's made from actual old work clothes and you can see the bends that have premanently shaped the knees, the fading over years of long days in the fields.  Made by Annie Mae Young in 1970, it is timeless, capturing the pre-Civil War community's countless hours of hard labor and the endless dirt rows they furrowed and picked year after year.

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