Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Mary, Mary ... --- Day 6/271

Walk: Out Patient Re-Hab
Distance: 15 Blocks, 2 Up/Down, Flexion & Mobility Exercises

CIWT readers, you've seen this garden before.  This is what it looked like this unsettled afternoon on her way home from PT.  It goes with the sandstone house from a few days ago.  It's a half block long spilling out toward the street, lovingly and very skillfully maintained and always beguiling.  Ciwt walks by it nearly daily and always stops to admire, be touched, maybe capture an image.  The house that belongs to it was sold a couple of years ago, and Ciwt (others too probably) was concerned that the new owners would forsake the garden.  But, no, the same talented gardeners are there and the garden is always an enchanting, evocative showpiece. Ciwt thinks its not impossible that maintaining the garden and the gardeners may have been a condition of sale or a big reason the new owners bought the house.

Who knows?; she loves these quiet little San Francisco stories and vignettes that only walkers truly notice.

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