Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Rhipsalideae --- Day 6/270

Walk: CPMC/Laurel Village 
Distance: 1.4 miles, Drive a few Blocks, Exercises, Up/Down, Walk around home immobilizer free

Andy the gardener brought this cactus to Ciwt's building around Christmas one year, so Ciwt has always assumed it was a "Christmas Cactus."  But here we are a few weeks from Thanksgiving, and like it does year after year, our little cactus is approaching full bloom. 

Ciwt wouldn't be surprised if the last little bud didn't turn into a full flower on the very day, so she was interested to read that one species of this cactus is actually known as a Thanksgiving Cactus!
And to learn (and promptly forget) this small cactus is known scientifically as "Schlumbergera, "with the 'higher classification "Rhipsalideae."  Whee, don't you love those names?  In its native country the cactus is known as the May Flower because that is when it comes into bloom in Brazil.

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