Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Town House Redux (and Great!) --- Day 6/282

Walk: No, Rest
Distance: Up/Down (2), Pedal (2), Asana/Exercise/Flexion (3-6).  Finis for today/Whew

When she went back to Minneapolis in August Ciwt took her iphone camera to the her grandparents' city house.  The Town House where the family would roller skate in the ballroom on Christmas Day (see CIWT Day 355) and my grandmother would keep everything very formal and on schedule the rest of the year.

Ciwt was so happy to see the house in such sparkling repair.  Not a chipped brick or yellow blade of grass, and the cream colored paint positively glowed.  Some teenage or young college boys were enjoying each other's company on a new patio off the dining room; the young energy felt great! The family obviously loves their house.

Of course, still being a teenage boy about cars, Ciwt had to check out the garage, a separate, two-level affair where the shiny cars never had a speck of dust.

It looked clean as a whistle too, and Ciwt hopes the boys' completely cool cars are sitting inside.

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