Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ah Oh (Again) --- Day 277

Walk: JCC, Trader Joe's, Mindful Body
Distance:  3 miles, take yoga class, teach yoga class

Feeling pillar to post today.  Earlier - after a class with one of my primary yoga mentors way back when - I was considering taking a 1 week immersion with him and wondering about adding a class or two to my teaching.  Now I am re-reading my correspondence with Mill Valley owners who have places to rent.  Tomorrow I will go look at one and Thursday I will look at another.  So, I'm also batting around thoughts about spending 'quality time' in Marin if I can come up with a way to do so.
Then there are thoughts about going down to L.A. at the end of the month to see a Jeopardy taping (which I'm quite clear I will do), reservation for NYC also at the end of the month (which I will cancel/rebook).  There are other things in the air as well.  It's funnnn to have many positive choices, but a bit distracting because I'm wondering "Where did all this come from?"  Oh well, it's here, and 'living the question' is my way.

Guess that's the thing that nags.  I do live the question. It is how I learn.  Recently I started the Fromm Institute for Continuing Education, and learned by going to a few classes that it wasn't for me.  It took getting close to it, feeling the vibes/visuals/etc.  For all I know this is the way of a lot of intuitives. I can know a lot intellectually, but really knowing it is a whole other thing. 

Judging from the reaction I often get if people learn I've started, then stopped activities, I'm led to believe my way is not the usual (even somehow 'acceptable') way. On a much, much smaller scale, many/most people finish books once they've started.  It apparently doesn't occur to them - or they don't take seriously - that they can stop at any point.  Needless to say, I've always just stopped reading any time I lost interest in/respect for/whatever a book. Saying this out loud can actually make some people furious at me. (That I didn't finish a book?!) Weird.  Obviously they think I'm weird too.  So when I find myself pulled toward living a variety of questions all at once, part of me goes "Ah Oh..."

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