Friday, October 19, 2012

Indian Drizzle --- Day 287

Walk: Clay Theater/Laurel/Food Inc
Distance: 2 miles and a little yoga at home

Funny, unexpected day around the Bay today.  Yesterday there were articles and TV reports about the glorious hot weather we were going to have all weekend until the rains and cold arrive Monday.  So, with thoughts of hikes, summer clothes and deck projects in mind, we went to bed to wake up this morning to cold, grey, drizzle that has lasted all day and now into early evening.  What?

So, I caught up with a few e-mail errands, even got a ticket for Furthur, did yoga at home, didn't walk much except to join a cousin at Argo (again!).  And even the second time, it was excellent.  Early dinner with same cousin and now home to cheer on the Giants.  An interior, grey, Fall day which suited me better than the Indian Summer predicted.  Hope it went well for others as well..

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