Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Other Dream Team --- Day 281

Walk: Mindful Body, Embarcadero Cinema (The Other Dream Team), Fillmore Street
Distance: 4 miles and teach yoga class

Made it through the first day in the front yoga room.  Guess it was fine for people; it's going to take me a while though.  Sort of like throwing a party but at someone else's house and kitchen.  Disconcerting.

But afterward was able to walk downtown on a Beautiful sunny fall afternoon and go to The Other Dream Team, a movie with a story so big and deep the documentary filmmaker played it totally straight with old footage and many interviews - no bombast.  So wrenching and soulfelt to the Lithuanian basketball players that even decades later they cannot or will not speak at length about the bloody turmoil and repression in their country and the magnitude of emotion that surrounds their final freedom from Soviet Russia. 

I won't summarize except to say go if you like documentaries, freedom, basketball and/or The Grateful Dead.  As CIWT readers know, I am a deadhead who arrived very late on the scene but have picked up on the ever expansive energy the of The Dead.  I sat beside a true Deadhead couple at a concert a few years ago, and she put it the way many heads feel: "It's like going to church."  The PR is and always has been Drugs, LSD - which is and was absolutely accurate.  But the feeling surrounding The Dead at the concerts and conversationally is actually an admixture of peace, joy, freedom, spirit and deep respect for music.  As a group and individually The Dead has always contributed to their world but you don't see them out there on any individual ego trip.  Individually and in variousDead-based  groups, they are there to bring the music and the moment, to keep bringing the Dead music into the now with ever-evolving renditions.  Hard to describe, but it seemed exactly right to see the Lithuanians receiving their Bronze Medals at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics proudly wearing their tie dye uniforms; The Dead and that team were/are in total harmony, and the energy of it all just keeps flowing.

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