Friday, October 5, 2012

How many intense colors can you get in a phone booth? -- Day 272

Walk: JCC, Trader Joes
Distance: 2 miles, teach class, take class

Wrote myself out catchin up on emails.  So, a few pictures:

A friend sent this.  Can't imagine how this woman pulled all these colors, prints together and made it work, but it does I think.

Darn; you can't really see it.  But her pants are printed, and so is her blouse and handbag.  The coat is all too bright and the big red earrings are a mess.  BUT  it works!?

Now, Here is a really bold work by my artist friend, K. Libbey Nash.  So much intensity in such a small space, but somehow it's a powerful little (? don't know dimensions) painting/collage that really works!

Oh dear, I see when I go to "View" that only half of this wonderful piece is appearing in CIWT.  Maybe I can remedy that at some point when I'm smarter. With apologies to my talented friend I'll allow the half-post for now and add a really tiny version of the whole piece:

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